WordPress community and SEO

Content marketing has fascinated me ever since I learned about sites like SiteSell, CopyBlogger, and HubSpot, which I have consulted in my day job promoting a specialty printing company. Inspired by these, I have started two personal blogs with WordPress.com: this one, which (alas) I haven’t posted to in more than two years, and another … Continue reading WordPress community and SEO


God bless us, each and every single one of us

Situation I recently posted a family photo to Facebook with the caption "God bless us, every one." But I originally had written "everyone." Question I searched online for this expression, attributed to Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," and noticed most results showed "everyone" as two words, not one. At first I thought … Continue reading God bless us, each and every single one of us

Department of Redundancy Department

Situation On the day before Thanksgiving I received an email from "Today on Twitter" (info@twitter.com). The subject line read: "#Ferguson: Protesters flood streets across U.S. as dismay spreads coast to coast, officer Darren Wilson breaks silence for the first time" Question A sad and tragic story, obviously. Yet the last part caught my attention: "breaks silence … Continue reading Department of Redundancy Department